What percentage of young people in the North American Division would you guess are aware of Insight magazine?

This weekly publication has been a staple of the Seventh-day Adventist youth scene for decades. Adventist authors have called Insight, one of the “most important” publications in the Seventh-day Adventist denomination.

So, back to the question, “What percent of our youth are aware of this publication?”

According to recent research findings, the answer is 43%. Less than half of the young people in a sample of 1,215 church members under the age of 30 said that they had ever heard about Insight magazine!

Even more remarkable is that this level of awareness was the highest percentage of knowledge about any Adventist resource or program geared toward youth. Programs and resources such as Generation of Youth for Christ, the Collegiate Quarterly, Youth Leadership Summit and Just Claim It retreats peaked awareness at fewer than 30%, most in the mid or low 20% range.

Sadly, of the 43% of young people who are knowledgeable about Insight, only 24% actually get a copy of the magazine even occasionally.

The good news is that of the young people who get a copy of Insight, the majority assessed it as either an “excellent” or “good” resource for them. Youth who get Insight, appreciate it!

Since we have evidence that this resource is helpful for our young people, should we not be more active in helping them attain access on a regular basis?

If you are inspired to help give youth more access to this and other important resources, here are some simple steps you can take:

  1. Check in your congregation to see if the young people are being regularly informed about the resources that are available from our Church.

  2. Remember that these resources require budget support. It is important to make sure that your church budgets for the resources your young people need.

  3. Be the voice in your congregation or conference that advocates for youth resources.

  4. Let others know that the far majority of our youth are missing out on something they would value in their Christian walk and that it is our responsibility to invest in the nurture of our young people.